About Us

Awesome Andre is not just any robot. He's a super robot system that helps you to get on with your job of running your business. He will help you to create your website and manage it with ease!

Awesome Andre was programmed for one thing; take care of all the complicated code and geek speak. Using Awesome Andre will help you as a business owner to succeed in today's challenging business environment.

The Mission - One Stop Web Business, Not Website

Plain ol' websites are a thing of the nineties. No longer do you need to have a specialised human staff trained in the art or computer magic programming. Awesome Andre takes that out of the equation. We have a saying, "If you can use a text editor, you can manage your own website".

Not only that, but we take your website to the next level. We focus on helping you build One Stop Web Businesses. Business websites have common attributes - they often have business related goals; they often have contact forms and other methods to capture sales inquiries; they might sell products; they often contain product and service information and so on and so on.

It's these common attributes that show us why taking a "website" mindset is so wrong. A website is just some pages in a browser. A One Stop Web Business, however, has business goals - marketing, sales, customer service and so on.

We believe that One Stop Web Business solutions are what 99% of your clients are looking for.

Awesome Andre is a platform built for exactly that - businesses with business goals and a need for business tools. It's also a platform designed to help you scale from a small startup with a simple 5 page site, to a massive shopping cart solution selling over a thousand products. It really is your one-stop robot... uumm... shop.

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